Recent AKPIA Postdoctoral Fellows

Year   Fellow Research Topic
2022-23 Susana Calvo Capilla Reframing forms and functions in Islamic architecture in al-Andalus and in its Mediterranean context, from Maghreb to Syria
  Fatma Dahmani A Study of the Paintings of the Private Houses of Samarra
  Alya Karame From Copying to Burning the Qur'an: Creating Models & Transposing Sacrality
  Zahra Kazani Rethinking Script Patterns as Apotropaia: The Case of a Stucco Panel from Mosul
2021-22 Negotiating Urban Transformation in Early Republican Istanbul, 1923-1949
  Ridha Moumni Archaeology and Cultural Policy in Ottoman Tunisia
  Kishwar Rizvi Imagining a World: Artistic and Cultural Encounters in Early Modern Iran
2020-21 Ridha Moumni The Collection of Muhammad Khaznadar, the first Tunisian dignitary to excavate the ancient site of Carthage
2019-20 Ridha Moumni The Collection of Muhammad Khaznadar, the first Tunisian dignitary to excavate the ancient site of Carthage
  Jochen Sokoly Ṭirāz: Production, Administration and Consumption of Inscribed Textiles from Egypt under the Umayyad, ʻAbbāsid and Fāṭimid Dynasties.


Ridha Moumni The Uses of Antiquities: Archaeology, Museums, and Diplomacy in Pre-colonial Tunisia  
  Ünver Rüstem Turkish Habits: Ottoman Fashion and Self-Fashioning on the World Stage
2013-14 Ahmet Ersoy Beyond "Ottoman Photography:" Visuality, Cosmopolitanism, and the Politics of Locality in the Late Ottoman Empire
Elaheh Kheirandish Persian Sources on Early Science
Charles Melville Documentary evidence for Safavid architectural history
Scott Redford The Material Culture of the Crusader States and their Neighbors: The Case of Kinet
2012-13   Birgül Acıkyıldız-Şengül A City at the Crossroads of 19th-Century Transformations: Mardin
Elaheh Kheirandish Persian Sources on Early Science
2011-12   Persis Berlekamp Petrified Powers: Materials, Forms, and Theories of Medieval Islamic Talismans
Nevnihal Erdoğan Edirne: An Old Capital of Ottoman Empire
Ruggero Longo The opus sectile decorations of Mamluk Cairo and the language of ornament in the medieval Mediterranean
2010-11   Afshan Bokhari Ars Erotica: 'Visualizing' the Sensual Sufi in Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal Miniature Paintings, Poetry and Sufi Narratives
Ayşin Yoltar-Yıldırım The Islamic Collection of the Ottoman Imperial Museum and the Contribution of Halil Edhem
Nasiba Baimatowa Stucco and Calligraphic Ornamental Design in Northern Khurasan from Pre- to Early-Islamic Period (5-11th Centuries AD)
Laura Parodi Humayun's Patronage of Painting: A Reappraisal
Maha al-Senan Contemporary Saudi Art: What has Islam to do with it?
Amity Nichols Law  
2009-10   Cristelle Baskins The Bride of Trebizond: Turks and Turkmens on a Florentine Wedding Chest, circa 1460
Amity Nichols Law Cultural Modeling and Identity: The Western Mediterranean, Africa and Northern Europe, 1348-1492
2008-09   Miriam Ali-de-Unzaga Relationship Between Fatimid and Andalusi Textiles
Mercedes Volait The Aesthetics of Antiquarianism in Cross-Cultural Perspective: On Collecting, Displaying and the Reinvention of the Self in Cairo (1863-1881)
Min Yong Cho How Land Came into the Picture: Rendering History in the 14th-Century Jami al-Tawarikh
Sunil Sharma Textual and Visual Urban Ethnographies of the Early Modern Persianate World
Pedro Moura Carvalho Research into an unpublished Mughal illustrated manuscript
2007-08   Nadia Ali The Contribution of the South Arabian Civilization to the Creative Process of Umayyad Iconography
Pedro Moura Carvalho Research into an unpublished Mughal illustrated manuscript
Abdal Razzaq-Moaz Domestic Architecture in Damascus during the 17th century: a View from the Tribunal Court Records of the City
Ali Yaycioğlu Research on the architectural and material culture structured around the provincial notables (of the Ottoman Empire, 1792-1812?)
Mattia Guidetti  
2006-07   Zeynep Ertug Analysis of Ottoman Ceremony Miniatures According to the Perceptions of the Aspects
Mattia Guidetti Churches and Mosques in Medieval Syria
Elizabeth Lambourn Trade and Patronage in the Indian Ocean: Material Culture of the Muslim Trade Networks of Western India
Rachel Milstein Urban and Architecural Patterns in Bilād al-Šām between the VI and XII Centuries as a Mirror of Social-political Relations Among Different Religious Communities 
2005-06   Anthony Cutler The Umma of Craft: Continuities and Discontinuities in Islamic Ivory Carving, 8th-12th/AH 2nd-6th Centuries
Rebecca Foote The Agricultural Aspect of the Early Islamic Qusur
Marcus Milwright The Archaeology of the Islamic World: An Introduction
2004-05   Shukur Askarov ‘The Timurids’ Classics’ - Timurids’ Architectural History
John Carswell The Tiles on The Dome of The Rock, Jerusalem
Ghadah Hejjawi Qaddumi The Three Outstanding Gems in Islamic Art: The Ruby, The Emerald, and Pearls
2003-04   Ahmet Ersoy  
Eva R. Hoffman Remapping Boundaries of Art and Culture in Mediterranean World (c. 950-1250)
Çiğdem Kafescioğlu Research for Constantinople/Istanbul: The Ottoman Capital in the Making
Yury Karev  
2002-03   Marianne Barrucand Forms and Functions of Ornament in Fatimid Architecture
Sibel Bozdoğan  
Yury Karev Building the References in Pre-Mongol Central Asia: Between Reality and Imaginary World
Ebba Koch  
Julie Scott Meisami Relations Between Medieval Islamic Literature and the Visual Artist
Vildan Serdaroğlu Şişman Architecture in a Poet's Imagination: An Analysis of Architectural Elements in the Diwan of Zati Çelebi (1471-1546)
2001-02   Maurice Cerasi  
Deborah Howard Research for Venice and the East
Ebba Koch Garden and Palace of Shah Jahan
Ayşe Gülçin Küçükkaya Research for Conservation and Integration into the Regional Tourism of Common Cultural Heritage in Meric District
Oya Pancaroğlu  
Ghada Hijjawi Qaddumi