Recent AKPIA Associates 

Year Associate Research Topic
2021-22 Gulfishan Khan Bureaucrats, (Umarāʾ) Scholars (ʿUlāmāʾ), Sufi-saints (Mashāʾikh), physicians and poets: Cultural atmosphere of Emperor Shah Jahan’s Court (r. 1628-58): Reflections from Pādshāhnāma
2019-20 Müjde Dila Gümüş Re-thinking "National Style": Actors, Tendencies and References.
  Ann Shafer Towards an Understanding of Early Islamic Architectural Ornament: Ancient Near Eastern Influences at Samarra
2018-19 Gül Kale Theory, Politics and Ethics in Cafer Efendi's 17th Century Book on Ottoman Architecture
2017-18 Mounia Chekhab Abudaya Ottoman Devotional Manuscripts: Study of a Corpus from the Museum of Islamic Art, Doha
  Neşe Gurallar Kars: Russian Colonial Modernity on East Anatolia (1877-1917): Modernity, Colonisation and Memory
  Maryam Kamali Transformations in Urban Architecture under the Saljuq Conquests of Baghdad and Eastern Islamic Lands
  Satoshi Kawamoto On the Eve of Empire: Early Ottoman Palaces in Edirne and Istanbul
  Belgin Turan Özkaya Itinerant Objects: British Museum and the Ottoman Response to Antiquity
2016-17 Paulina Banas Sustaining Tradition or Embracing Change? Prisse d'Avennes and the Strategies of Visualizing Islamic Architecture of Cairo in French Books (186-80)
  Maryam Kamali The Madrasa in Iran and Baghdad under the Saljuqs
  Satoshi Kawamoto Imperial Ceremonies and Istanbul Suburbs: Üsküdar and Davutpasa at the turn of the Seventeenth Century
  Enass Khansa Aesthetics and the Cenotaphic in Medieval Iberian Culture
  Elaheh Kheirandish Persian Sources on Early Science
2015-16 M. Shahab Ahmed Exploratory Thoughts on Ottoman Islamic Aesthetics
  Darka Bilić Lodging Along the Trade Routes in Bosnian Pashadom in Early Modern Period
  Bahar Deniz Calis Kural Efsancı Garden: Questioning the Ideal of Ottoman Garden Design in the Sixteenth Century
  Elaheh Kheirandish Persian Sources on Early Science
  Mika Natif Cityscape Architecture, Landscape and Perspective in Early Mughal Painting
  Amirhossein Salehi Abstract Portraiture and Animated Inscription in the religious Architecture of Khorasan
  Nicolas Trepanier Reconstructing the landscape of Medieval Anatolia
2014-15 Li Gu The Decorative Arts of Islamic Architecture in Xinjiang Province
  Elena Paskaleva Reading the Architecture of Paradise: Epigraphic Restorations of Timurid Architecture
  Elaheh Kheirandish Persian Sources on Early Science
2013-14   Mirjam Brusius Persia, Power, and Photography: Nasser Al-Din Shah (r. 1848-1896) and the early advancement of a new European medium in Iran 
2012-13   Nirit Ben-Aryeh Debby Niccolò Guidalotto Panorama of Constantinople (1662): Crusade Propaganda in  Word and Image in Early Modern Italy 
  Cristelle Baskins Picturing the Levant in Early Modern Italy 
2011-12   Tülün Değirmenci Painting, Popular Literature, and City Life in 17th-century Ottoman Istanbul 
  Elaheh Kheirandish Persian Sources on Early Science 
  Laura Parodi Research for the Supplement to Muqarnas 
  Nasiba Baimatowa Stucco and Calligraphic Ornamental Design in Northern Khurasan 
  Amity Nichols Law The Western Mediterranean, Africa, and Northern Europe, 1348-1492